I Must Be A Moron (adamlazlo) wrote in shaun_o_dead,
I Must Be A Moron

SPACED and beyond...

Yeah......so "SPACED" (the British TV series done pre-SotD) is out on UK DVD later this month...yeah, Sullenfish and I are ore that anxious to see this series for sure. Hopefully considering the SotD UK DVD came out on DVD there'd be a SotD DVD US release plus a SPACED DVD US release that follows after SotD had it's run in the theaters....dammit.

I once bought forign region DVD's like crazy these last few years but have realized that eventually they're going to be released in the US anyway so why waste the extra cash? But dammit, I'm HUNGRY for more! Luckily it's only 17 more days 'till SotD is "officially" released theatrically here in the States so at least Sullenfish and I can get as much of a fix we need before it's off to the dollar theaters before the DVD's come out...HOT DAMN!

I’ve been talking NON-STOP to EVERYONE I know….even my mum about it.
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